Hoping and calling for great things in 2018

Kate King on January 3, 2018

Dear Community Leaders,

We hope and call for great things in 2018 and beyond.  Let us move forward together.

We hope and call for people to connect with one another, to listen and speak, to seek to understand each other’s perspectives, to find common ground and solutions that work better for everyone.

We hope and call for leaders at every level to rise up, take responsibility for themselves and their own actions, for others that they represent, and to lead with truth, respect and love.

We hope and call for positive change that empowers people, improves lives, creates opportunities, rights wrongs, brings justice, reduces waste, builds value, and brings hope, joy and love to all.

We hope and call for people to achieve great things at home, at their organizations, and in their communities, that solve problems, create new and lasting solutions, build wealth and save money.

We hope and call for great things in 2018, because we – all of us – working together, are the solution we need.  Won’t you join us?


The Athena Group

P.S. The Athena Group is a network of cooperative consultants with diverse backgrounds and skills but singular purpose … to improve our clients’ situations.  Reach out to us today if you’d like to talk.

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