Art of Participatory Leadership February 2-4, 2017 – Tacoma, WA Pacific Lutheran University

Kate King on December 7, 2016



The times we are living in call for more effective meetings, better engagement processes, participatory leadership and the ability to craft strategy from collective wisdom and impact.


Join us to:
Build stronger teams and partnerships. Broaden the skill set within your group, work more effectively and enjoyably together, engage teams, organizations, and community stakeholders in meaningful conversations that promote resilience, belonging, innovation, and collective impact.

Enhance your skills and abilities to work with complexity, uncertainty & change. Develop leadership confidence for facing challenges that don’t have solutions, learn practices to engage skillfully with fear, conflict and stuck patterns, use wise process planning architectures for small and large scale initiatives, and host strategic conversations.

Apply what you are learning directly to the change projects that are important to you, your community or organization.


Join us for our Tacoma retreat!aopl-team-pic

February 2-4, 2017

Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), Tacoma Washington for our Pacific Northwest leadership event.

Facilitated and convened by: Steven Byers, Paul Horton, Teresa Posakony, Faith Trimble & Tenneson Woolf.


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Tacoma Art of Participatory Leadership (PNW) Website

Or visit for more on the practices of the Art of Participatory Leadership (aka Art of Hosting).


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