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Hoping and calling for great things in 2018

Dear Community Leaders, We hope and call for great things in 2018 and beyond.  Let us move forward together. Engagement We hope and call for people to connect with one another, to listen and speak, to seek to understand each other’s perspectives, to find common ground and solutions that work better for everyone. Leadership We hope and call for leaders at every level to rise up, take responsibility for themselves […]

Using the Social Capital Assessment

By Paul Horton, Partner, The Athena Group An earlier entry on this topic made a case for intentional measurement and management of social capital within both organizations and multi-stakeholder or cross-sector collaborations.   I also introduced a new Social Capital Assessment tool designed to enable an organization to survey and assess its baseline and ongoing levels of social capital.  This post briefly describes a recent experience with a client to assess […]

Measure Your Social Capital

By Paul Horton, Partner, The Athena Group This blog makes the case for intentional measurement and management of social capital within both organizations and multi-stakeholder or cross-sector collaborations and introduces a new Social Capital Assessment tool.  The next post in this series will discuss ways to evaluate the results of the assessment as well as ways to focus precious resources to build greater social capital.   The Importance of Social […]

Reclaiming the People Side of Lean (Or How We Lost Respect)

By Larisa Benson, Principal, The Athena Group When lean process improvement is initiated in the workplace, the message that often comes across is “Hey, we think we have a lot of waste here.” That sends alarm bells ringing so loudly, people can barely hear the next words. Then come consultants wielding spreadsheets, reams of Post-its, and a bunch of complicated new words. Somewhere along the line, management admits that, by […]

Sinsinawa Dominicans Living in Complexity

Paul Horton, Athena Group partner, is one of a team of three consultants working with the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa to support leadership development, strategic planning, and organizational renewal. Check out Living in complexity: Future is not extrapolation of past from the Sinsinawa Spectrum, an article that describes this effort. In this article, Julie Schwab, OP, writes: If we assume that the future will not look like the past, we […]

What we’re reading…

We’re excited about this recent article  by Peter Senge, Hal Hamilton and John Kania. In our opinion, system leadership has been an important missing ingredient in collective impact literature to date. What a welcome gift to community of practice. They offer concrete steps for moving along the path to becoming a system leader – or what we have been referring to as a participatory leader. “Though they differ widely in personality and style, […]

Why Athena?

By Faith Trimble

Faith Trimble.jpgInterestingly enough, the first thing people ask me when I tell them we are changing our name from FLT Consulting to The Athena Group is: “Are men allowed to work there?”

I know the goddess Athena is a powerful female figure, but I didn’t think she was discriminatory! Quite the contrary, I imagine her to be the epitome of social justice.

The myth says that Goddess Athena, Daughter of Zeus, was not born by her mother, rather she leaped out of the head of Zeus already adult, dressed with her armor. Her Father Zeus was the King of the Gods and her Mother Metis was the most knowing of all beings.

Raise Your Voice!

By: Faith Trimble, CEO and Advisory Committee Member for the National Dialogue Network One of our core beliefs at FLT is that people should have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives. Here is a great opportunity to be part of a national conversation on issues of the deepest importance. As an Advisory Committee member for the National Dialogue Network, I am asking for your input to help […]

Going LEAN in 2013?

By: Rick Anderson At FLT, we are all about producing results for our clients.  So we’re really excited that state and local governments have begun using Lean process improvement projects to improve measurable outcomes and control costs.  If you’re thinking about starting a Lean project, remember these four essential practices to ensure that your process improvement effort produces positive, sustainable results. 1.     Establish Strong Executive Support Lean management is a […]

Did You Hear Me?

By: Kendra Dahlen This is not a scolding – it’s a sincere question that was asked during a public meeting I recently attended.  A gentleman requested the microphone and said, “This is the fifth meeting I’ve attended on this topic and I can’t see that any of my comments have been heard, recorded or used.  Did you hear me?” Ouch! Hearing, using and reflecting public comment prominently in a public […]