Introducing Health Strategies NW

Kate King on May 11, 2016

The Athena Group is pleased to introduce a new venture called Health Strategies NW.  In collaboration with ISG, Milestone Technology and Cascadia Strategies, we are a team of health care consultants with deep expertise in innovative, large-scale public and private health initiatives and a commitment to addressing the complexities of today’s health issues.  We recognize that only through the collaboration of highly HEALTH STRATEGIES NW_logoexperienced professionals can we address Washington State’s needs of improved health of its citizens, higher quality of care and lower costs.  The Health Strategies NW collaboration provides proven expertise not found in other one-or two-dimensional consulting groups.

As individual firms, we are recognized leaders in our respective health and consulting fields. Together we provide complementary, integrated services required to address the interdependencies inherent in today’s health improvement challenges.  Our collaborative consulting model is based on guiding principles and a structured governance model to streamline communications and decision-making to ensure accountability to our clients.

Through this unique model, we are able to bring a collection of more than 40 consultants with expertise in a wide range of health care related areas, including the following:

  • Federal and state health regulations and programs;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Partnerships and coalition building;
  • Development, evaluation and assessment of health programs;
  • Health information technology;
  • Delivery system reform; and
  • Complex project management.

All members of Health Strategies NW are residents of Washington State and have a commitment to improving health for residents of the Northwest.  We have built our careers on managing complexity and combining people, process innovation and technology for results.  We look forward to partnering with public and private organizations that share our commitment to improved health outcomes and lower health care costs.


Milestone Technology

Cascadia Strategies

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