Adam Fletcher

Youth Engagement and Organizational Transformation

Adam Fletcher is an internationally recognized expert on youth engagement in communities and student voice in schools. With more than 15 years of experience, he has consulted local, national and international nonprofits; local, state, provincial and federal government agencies; and small businesses on a variety of projects including strategic evaluations, program development, professional growth, and organizational transformation.

Adam’s experience spans several fields, including K-12 education, positive youth development, public health, parks and recreation, workforce development and several other areas. His specific experience includes research design, delivery and analysis; systems thinking approaches to community youth development; large and small group facilitation; and strategic planning for school improvement. His expertise in facilitating youth and adults working together is highly regarded, as well his ability to effectively establish consensus among divergent interests affecting education, youth development and other areas throughout communities.

As a writer, Adam has been published in more than a dozen magazines and academic journals, and has published 12 books related to education, youth and history, as well as more than 50 publications as a freelance writer. Adam’s work has been published by the National PTA, the American Institutes of Research, Capstone Publishing, and Educational Leadership, among others.

Adam has also keynoted at more than 50 conferences nationally and internationally, including the North Carolina Rural Economic Development Forum, the Alberta School Boards Association, the Washington Prevention Summit, and the Seminário Internacional de Educação e Participação para a Educação Integral in São Paulo, Brazil.