Chelsea Lei

Human Centered Design, Personal and Team Development, Strategic Decision-Making

Chelsea is an emergent practitioner dedicated to helping you, your team and your organization unleash your transformative potentials. She believes that good work is about creating conditions and opportunities that make it possible for us as individuals and collectives to gradually become our best unique versions of human goodness. For this reason, she devotes her practice to facilitating and contributing to collaborative work that meaningfully connects personal growth and public impact.

Chelsea understands that clarity of purpose and coherence between values and actions provide vital conditions for developing solutions that will effectively deal with the complex, uncertain and crisis-ridden world that we live in. As a contributor, she brings inspirations and practices from a wide variety of academic and management disciplines, schools of thought, methods and techniques in designing and executing solutions. People who have worked with Chelsea say that her superpower is being effective at offering both innovative concepts and high-quality execution.

Chelsea’s professional experiences span public, private and non-profit sectors. She has served in various capacities in many organizations, including as co-founder of a municipal finance internship program at Stanford University, strategy consultant to a VC-backed energy start-up, management auditor at the King County Auditor’s Office, and researcher at Harvard University.

How Chelsea works:

  • Being authentic and empathetic
  • Listening with open mind and heart
  • Seeking clarity through communication and reflection
  • With healthy irreverence to disciplinary boundaries

What Chelsea practices:

  • Authentic / Value-based Leadership
  • Art of Hosting
  • Design Thinking / Human Centered Design
  • Performance Auditing / Program Evaluation
  • Strategic Thinking