Jeanne McPherson

Leadership, Change, Team Development, & Collaboration

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With 30 years’ experience in consulting, both in public and private sectors, Jeanne McPherson specializes in leadership, change, team development, and collaboration in the workplace. Her career has evolved from serving as a technical editor/writer for research of scientists and engineers in nuclear waste management to organizational development emphasizing collaboration. Within a communications orientation, Jeanne draws on system perspectives promoted by Peter Senge and Otto Sharmer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), emphasizing skills in interaction.

A former teacher of French and Spanish, Jeanne draws out the best from cross-functional and multi-cultural groups. Her career is characterized by an ability to successfully engage individuals with competing positions. From facilitating programs in the 1980s with battling employees of differing cultural heritages, to angry federal employees in the 1990s who faced layoffs and reinvention challenges, to newly merged hospital organizations, to competing public and environmental groups in the new millennium — her work revolves around building leaders on all organizational levels and promoting collaborative strategies to move forward.

Jeanne served as the facilitator for the first public collaboration on a performance plan held by the US Forest Service. She helped design a process for Colville National Forest to engage the public and county commissioners from three counties in Washington State in collaborative decision making. She also facilitated the public meetings, resulting in public approval of the plan.

In 2004, she completed an innovative PhD program in Organizational Communication (University of Colorado at Boulder), which spans research in many fields and emphasizes today’s work and social challenges. She served as a professor at the University of South Alabama and has taught as an adjunct at Washington State University Tri-Cities.