Paul Horton

Leadership, Strategy, Facilitation & Sustainability

Paul is a leadership and strategy coach and organizational change professional with 25 years of experience working with the public, private, non-profit, and higher education sectors. He is keenly aware of the pressures decision-makers and leaders are under to deliver in the face of rapid change, uncertainty, budget and time constraints, and increasing demands from stakeholders. Paul sees his work as helping leaders navigate complexity and change, lead with clarity, and achieve internal alignment and coherence. He also works with groups to help them become more adaptive and resilient and build and sustain a culture of trust, mutual respect, and on-going learning.

Paul’s work is grounded in both a theoretical and a practical understanding of systems thinking, organizational theory, and group (or “process oriented”) dynamics. He specializes in using dialogue-based, participatory approaches to engage diverse perspectives, build social capital, and improve organizational outcomes. Paul is skilled at facilitating meetings where there is a high degree of difference or divisiveness, and that generate personal insights and uncover innovative possibilities for moving forward.

Paul’s work starts from a place of authenticity and a strong desire to help people come together well to get good work done in the world.