Phil Cass Webinar: How To Be A Leader in Health Transformation

Kate King on December 22, 2015

 January 5, 2016 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

Join Phil Cass, CEO of the Columbus, Ohio Medical Association for a free 1-hour webinar to hear him describe his personal leadership learning journey as well as some of the many successes that have been achieved in Columbus and beyond. Register for the free webinar. Learn more about Phil’s approach to leadership.

Aligning our strategies and efforts to create truly accountable communities of health across Washington State will require not only changes in the way we do business together but in how we think about and engage as leaders. This challenge invites us to consider and practice new ways of thinking of organizations and networks as living systems and working more effectively across historic silos, including leadership and engagement at the community level on up through state policy.

Also plan to join us for the 3-day leadership retreat and capacity building event where Phil Cass will be a member of the training team – January 19-21 at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma.  Register for the retreat.

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