Child Care Referral Program Evaluation

CLIENT: Child Care Aware of Washington from: 3/1/2015 - 8/31/2015


Child Care Aware of Washington’s Family Center helps families find and access high-quality child care. The Family Center does this by providing referrals to child care providers, and information on the importance of quality and how families seeking child care can determine if a child care provider has a quality program.

CCA of WA hired The Athena Group to assess the Family Center’s child care referral services, including number of customers served, customer satisfaction, and whether those customers learn more about quality child care and its connection to school success as a result of the services they receive.

Athena's Role

As part of this evaluation, The Athena Group analyzed the results of the Family Center’s customer satisfaction surveys to learn about the satisfaction of phone and online customers and whether customers were able to find child care. We also interviewed Family Center leadership and management and resource specialists to learn more about the work they do. Additionally, we analyzed program data, including service volume and the types of services provided.

The Results

The Athena Group’s evaluation showed a clear demand and appreciation for child care referral services. We identified the Family Center’s strengths as well as its challenges. Based on our conclusions, we offered some steps for improving the Family Center and its services to families.


  • Kendra Dahlen
  • Liz DuBois
  • Lisa Keosababian


  • Organizational Resilience
  • Organizational Results