Coordinated Transit-Human Services Planning

CLIENT: Snohomish County Transportation Coalition from: 2/1/2015 - 7/30/2015


Many transportation resources exist in Snohomish County, however many people cannot access these services because of transportation challenges. Coordinating and partnering between public, non-profit, and private entities can make a big difference. To best plan their next steps, the Snohomish County Transportation Coalition (SNOTRAC) hired The Athena Group to facilitate the creation of a new five-year Coordinated Transit-Human Services plan.

Athena's Role

The Athena Group facilitated strategic planning meetings and provided guidance for SNOTRAC partners to develop a five-year strategic plan for coordinated transportation efforts to increase access and improve efficiency.

The Results

The updated strategic plan process provided insight on the viability of SNOTRAC as an organization and what changes needed to take place in order for success to be realized.


  • Faith Trimble
  • Paul Horton


  • Organizational Resilience
  • Vital Conversations and Public Engagement