Evaluation of WA Scholarships for Child Care Professionals

CLIENT: Child Care Aware of Washington from: 3/1/2015 - 7/31/2015


Washington Scholarships for Child Care Professionals (WA Scholarships) is a comprehensive scholarship program that supports child care providers and teachers who wish to enhance their education and professional skills in early childhood education. The goal of WA Scholarships is to improve the field of early childhood education by increasing compensation levels, sustaining commitment to the field, and advancing the educational achievements of its scholars.

CCA of WA contracted with The Athena Group to assess how well the scholarship program is assisting child care providers in achieving their goals and improving the quality of child care.

Athena's Role

The Athena Group analyzed the results of two surveys of scholars – one to discover the scholars’ impression of the effectiveness of the program at the end of their contracts, and the other to identify participant results one to two years after completing the program. We also analyzed program data, including data on student demographics and accomplishments.

The Results

Our evaluation showed that since 2012, WA Scholarships has served an increasing number of scholars who are completing an increasing number of credits each year. This higher enrollment means that more providers are able to access higher education, which many scholars report is helping them improve the quality of their child care.



  • Liz DuBois
  • Lisa Keosababian


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