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Board retreat for K’oyitl’ots’ina, Limited

K’oyitl’ots’ina, Ltd held a strategic planning retreat to gather corporation board members and key staff to consider together current assets and areas of expertise while identifying new goals, priorities, and opportunities for growth in new lines of business.  They also wanted to discuss succession planning to ensure stability and opportunity for shareholders.

Leadership Coaching

Like so many people, a senior leader in a healthcare organization was feeling overwhelmed at work.  She wanted to grow in her ability to deal with competing priorities, manage the stress better, and be able to respond productively.

Collective Impact in Action

The Rider Pool Foundation is leveraging the recent downtown development activities to sustainably and measurably improve conditions in some of the most underserved neighborhoods in Allentown, PA and the surrounding Lehigh Valley. They created a Collective Impact Action Learning Fellowship program – bringing together visionary, passionate leaders and organizations that represent diverse community systems to understand and explore new ways to work together towards common goals.

City of Tukwila – City Council Retreat

Tukwila City Council members wanted to build relationships with each other, increase their awareness of their individual and team strengths, and identify ways to work together even better.

Dominicans of Sinsinawa – Strategic Planning and Organizational Renewal

The Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, based in Southwest Wisconsin, looked to The Athena Group to provide leadership of the work emerging from three committees focused on key stewardship planning. This effort is part of a larger two-year Congregation Planning Project that will culminate in a 10-day gathering of 500 Dominican Sisters in April 2016. Going forward, in addition to supporting the planning and facilitation of this major planning effort and […]

Cowlitz on the Move Community Health Planning Summit

Cowlitz on the Move is a coalition working together to create a healthier community full of opportunities to eat healthy, be active, and breathe clean air.  At their Community Health Planning Summit, coalition leaders wanted to gain greater clarity, ownership, and commitment among stakeholders and volunteers in the coalition’s future direction and success.   Further, they hoped to gain better insight among the Community Health Planning Summit participants on the most important challenges […]

King County Executive’s Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget: Strategic Planning

The King County Executive’s Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget coordinates the One King County Strategic Plan. This is a large county-wide effort with the intent of incorporating the high level vision, goals, objectives and strategies into a single plan. It is especially difficult to align organizational plans for separately elected officials. The Athena Group was hired to facilitate conversations between the county executive’s staff and other elected official offices.

Public Outreach Services for the Washington Blue Ribbon Task Force on Parks and Outdoor Recreation

The Washington Governor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Parks and Outdoor Recreation (Task Force) wished to develop a strategy, action plan, and recommendations to manage, transform, and leverage Washington’s outdoor recreation assets and state programs.  Community input was a high priority for the Task Force and, in addition to the more traditional forms of public engagement, it wished to also conduct extensive on-line public engagement in order to better inform […]

Early Achievers Program Evaluation

Early Achievers is Washington’s new Quality Rating and Improvement System for child care providers. Through Early Achievers, participants receive training and technical assistance to improve the quality of their child care, and a professional evaluation and quality rating of their child care. Child Care Aware of Washington and its seven regional partners are responsible for preparing child care providers for rating and then coaching participants after they receive their rating. […]

Art of Participatory Leadership Training

Based on our work with a broad spectrum of community leaders throughout the Northwest, The Athena Group recognized that while many community leaders —including elected officials, department managers, social innovators, non-profit leaders, educators, and community members— are in search of answers to critical problems, they must communicate in a world that’s increasingly complex and fragmented. We recognized further that the times we are living in call for more effective meetings, […]

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