Sinsinawa Dominicans Living in Complexity

Lisa Keosababian on April 10, 2015

Paul Horton, Athena Group partner, is one of a team of three consultants working with the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa to support leadership development, strategic planning, and organizational renewal. Check out Living in complexity: Future is not extrapolation of past from the Sinsinawa Spectrum, an article that describes this effort. In this article, Julie Schwab, OP, writes:

If we assume that the future will not look like the past, we can also assume that the skills and structures that served us in the past will not be sufficient to serve us in the future. We know that evolution moves from simplicity to complexity, and we are all experiencing growing complexity in our lives. As our understanding of reality changes, so does our worldview and the paradigms out of which we live. How can we make sense of this complexity and cultivate the skills to explore it and be wise in it?

For more information on this project, see this project description.

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