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Lisa Keosababian on December 8, 2014

We’re excited about this recent article  by Peter Senge, Hal Hamilton and John Kania. In our opinion, system leadership has been an important missing ingredient in collective impact literature to date. What a welcome gift to community of practice. They offer concrete steps for moving along the path to becoming a system leader – or what we have been referring to as a participatory leader.

“Though they differ widely in personality and style, genuine system leaders have a remarkably similar impact . Over time, their profound commitment to the health of the whole radiates to nurture similar commitment in others. Their ability to see reality through the eyes of people very different from themselves encourages others to be more open as well. They build relationships based on deep listening, and networks of trust and collaboration start to flourish. They are so convinced that something can be done that they do not wait for a fully developed plan, thereby freeing others to step ahead and learn by doing. Indeed, one of their greatest contributions can come from the strength of their ignorance, which gives them permission to ask obvious questions and to embody an openness and commitment to their own ongoing learning and growth that eventually infuse larger change efforts.”

Faith will be partnering with FSG next year to deliver training on the principles and application of collective impact for the Rider-Pool Foundation Fellows in Allenstown, PA. Their fellowship program is building system leaders in their own backyard. What a great concept.

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