Who we are


The Athena Group, LLC is a cooperative of forward-thinking practitioners who help community leaders, managers, and decision-makers build personal mastery, create learning organizations, and enable cross-sector collaborations. We help our public, private, and non-profit clients build thriving, effective organizations and happier, healthier, and safer communities.

The Athena consultants are the most talented, likeable and adaptable people. We are constantly learning and practicing the newest and most effective techniques in the field of organizational and systems change, and innovating them to fit your needs.

We understand that you operate in an increasingly fast-paced, fragmented, resource constrained, and data rich world. We will help you navigate this ever-changing environment, build relationships, and connect people and information to make a positive impact.

We don’t do it by ourselves. And you can’t either. We have to work together – employees and managers, citizens and elected’s, governments and businesses, civic and faith leaders, and consultants and clients. Our advice? Be kind to yourself and those around you. Change is scary, but can be super fun if you don’t get wrapped up in one solution. No one has the correct answer. The fun is in exploring and learning together how to improve our processes, policies, relationships, and systems so that we co-create the future together.

Our Passion

We want to make a difference in this world. The world we strive for is possible because we’ve seen it and we live it.

Neighborhoods, governments, businesses, non-profits and faith organizations work together to solve seemingly intractable social problems. Citizens are meaningfully engaged in local decision making that is collaborative, creative, fun and satisfying. People feel that the taxes they pay are well worth it. There is a feeling of abundance.

Leaders are found in every part of organizations. They convene conversations that matter and that lead to wise action. Teams are driven by a clear sense of purpose. Activities are aligned and meaningful indicators of progress are used for continuous feedback, learning and improving. Waste is removed from processes and productivity soars. Meetings are engaging, productive and fun. People respond with curiosity and resilience when faced with challenges, and continually adapt learning.

Businesses are profitable because they care about the people and the planet as much as the financial bottom line. Employee satisfaction is high. People feel a clear connection between their personal values and the work they do in the workplace. They trust each other. Co-workers, the boss, elected leaders, and community members are willing to give their time and energy to making this a better world to live in. Volunteerism soars. Creativity explodes. We feel connected. The world is a better place.

Our People

Our headquarters are based in Olympia, WA, but our consultants live and work in places all over the world. Partners own and manage the company, and Principal and Business Members complete the talent pool. Together the members cross-train, cross-market, and support each other in bringing the best quality services to our clients.


The Athena Group, LLC evolved from FLT Consulting – a sole proprietorship started in 1999. Founder and CEO, Faith Trimble, started the company with little more than a belief that work should be designed around our lives, and to make a difference in this world. Joining the company are like-minded people who have further shaped the vision and added extraordinary expertise.   FLT is now the management firm that supports consulting operations of The Athena Group, which is cooperatively owned and managed by the Partners.


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