Why Athena?

wyattatflt on July 18, 2013

By Faith Trimble

Faith Trimble.jpgInterestingly enough, the first thing people ask me when I tell them we are changing our name from FLT Consulting to The Athena Group is: “Are men allowed to work there?”

I know the goddess Athena is a powerful female figure, but I didn’t think she was discriminatory! Quite the contrary, I imagine her to be the epitome of social justice.

The myth says that Goddess Athena, Daughter of Zeus, was not born by her mother, rather she leaped out of the head of Zeus already adult, dressed with her armor. Her Father Zeus was the King of the Gods and her Mother Metis was the most knowing of all beings.

Athena is known as the warrior goddess of divine intelligence. She is the Goddess of the City, the protectress of civilized life, artesian activities and of agriculture.

Athena – The Goddess of War
By – KarlaFrazetty

She is the incarnation of Wisdom, Reason and Purity. What more could we all – men and women – possibly aspire to?

More to the point, why the name change? I started FLT Consulting over 13 years ago with little to no vision other than self employment. As time has progressed and the company has grown, a clear vision and purpose has emerged. The underlying values have always been the same….

  • Public service is an honorable profession
  • Citizens have the right and obligation to shape their community’s future
  • Socially responsible businesses are the economic backbone of every community
  • It takes all of us – public servants, citizens, businesses – to build great communities

….but the task at hand has grown bigger than just staff at FLT Consulting, Inc, and certainly more than just me. As The Athena Group, we now provide leaders with all the ingredients of sound decision-making: from executive coaching and visioning, to performance management, strategic thinking and process improvement, to large-scale cross-sector community engagement efforts.

Join us in this celebratory transition by wearing a toga to dinner tonight.

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